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Meet Eli Crow

I'm a Mountain Medicine Man living in the backwoods of North Jackson Co., Alabama. I practice Pure Witchery!

Welcome to Backwoods Witchery! I'm Eli Crow, a seasoned mountain medicine man living in the heart of the Hoodoo Voodoo South. With an apprenticeship steeped in the traditions of ecstatic trance witchery and journeying, herbalism and folk remedies, spirit keeping, and spell craft, I've dedicated my life to preserving and sharing the ancient healing practices and other witch craft passed down through generations.

My training began under the mentorship of hereditary shaman, where I learned to harness the magic of local flora, perform sacred rituals, and create protective charms.

At Backwoods Witchery, I offer a range of handcrafted herbal products, tinctures, and talismans, all made with the wisdom of the mountains and a touch of old-world magic.

My mission is to provide natural, holistic enchantments that nurture both body and spirit, helping you find balance and well-being. Join me on a journey through the enchanting world of Appalachian healing and discover the power of nature's magic.